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One of the industries which is taking a particularly hard hit is the music and entertainment industries. We realise that many musicians, DJs, festivals, gigs and the like have been heavily affected by the virus. In response to this, the Ocean Music Creatives team wants to do what we can to support the musicians who are the lifeblood of everything we do.

DJ Talents Kickstart program will give artists aged 16-35 the chance to develop their technical and creative skills and have work commissioned for Ocean Music platforms. The program will particularly focus on giving opportunities to young artists from all backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in the arts and broadcasting. Commissioned artists will be encouraged to push creative boundaries, reach new audiences and reflect their experiences of living in Britain today.

A DJ Talents Kickstart Network of Ocean media production organisations across UK are being tasked to find, nurture and showcase emerging talent. Each center will act as a regional development hub to support talent and work with other partners across the wider area to support diversity and social mobility in the arts and broadcasting.

Daniel Goldman, Director of Arts, OCEAN MUSIC says: “The OCEAN MUSIC has a long tradition of providing a platform to new talent and as part of this commitment we are partnering with Arts Council England for Talents Kickstart . The scheme will offer fantastic opportunities, not only for the artists themselves but also for our audiences, who will be able to enjoy ground-breaking cultural content from an exciting array of the best emerging artistic talent today.”

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